Why Choose Banner Printing For Event Advertising?

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  • March 07th, 2024

While traditional signage writing still has its purpose, time and place, banner printing is widely regarded as the best marketing tool for marketing and advertising. Also known as large-format or wide-format printing, banner printing is a popular form of poster printing. Here, wide-format printers are used to add signage to various different mediums and paper types.

Banner printing can be a highly effective advertising tool for dozens of purposes, including windows, walls, ceilings, fences, tables, trucks, trailers, and much more. By partnering with a well-established signage company, this approach can be highly beneficial. 

Today, we’re going to delve into the many uses of banner printing, how to pick the right banner for your next event, and why they can be the perfect tool for marketing and advertising. 

The Advantages of Banner Printing

Why should you make use of posters and banners? There are many reasons to consider them, especially if you have an upcoming event planned!

1. Durability

Are you aiming to advertise longer but are worried about the weather? As vinyl banners are durable, outdoor banners serve well as outdoor advertising.

Able to withstand windy or exposed conditions, there’s no requirement to take them down when it rains!

2. Inexpensive signs

Investing in digital marketing is expensive, especially with organic marketing strategies.

Compared to digital advertising- which can get lost online- a physical banner can be looked at repeatedly. Easy to produce, banners can fit into many marketing budgets while drawing attention to your desired target audience.

Simple to design, all you need to add is your company logo, name, marketing message, and slogan. It’s an easy, budget-friendly way to receive a return on investment.

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3. Portable and reusable

Do you use paid social media ads for a few days or hours at a time?

Instead of paying for consistent ads, banner printing can help you achieve results with a one-off design, and they always stay active. Keep your banner around your building windows, or take them to a location where you sponsor real estate or events.

Lightweight and portable, you can easily display, fold, and take them to any location.  

4. Powerful customisation

Want to reach a larger audience and attract new customers? Mesh banners can help you to reel in specific buyers, such as city-goers passing by a popular building. With a higher visual impact than traditional, hand-written signage, the flag material can really make it pop.

Custom vinyl banners are ideal if you enjoy the freedom of choice with size, colour, font, and general banner design. Banners are a great way to attract a specific market; you only need to install them. 

5. Reinforce brand awareness

Do you want your target audience to read about your business as they go to work? Banners are the best way for customers to know your company’s name, logo, and graphics. Often out in the open, banners can attract attention in the view of consumers who are actively looking.

People will want to buy from you online at a trade show or event. With a positive and inviting first impression, a banner is more memorable than a social media ad, which becomes submerged from other content.

With Swift Signs, outdoor business signage is easily accessible. As a professional signage supplier and installer, we offer you a flexible way to collaborate with people who care about your business objectives.

What Events Use Vinyl Banners?

Banners are strong, durable and versatile for various different outdoor environments. Here are some of the best locations to make use of vinyl banners.

  • Fundraising events. Raising funds for a fundraising outdoor event is simplified with banner printing, as custom banners can boost donations!
  • Farmers markets. If you want to inform the community about fresh fruit and vegetables or gorgeous handmade items, use event banners to notify them of the date, time, and location.
  • Trade shows. With many booths at trade shows, stand out from the competition with a vinyl banner that explains why your services are worth the time and investment. 
  • Conventions. Using a vinyl banner to draw interest at a convention draws attention to your business by showing key information.
  • Sports events. Vinyl banners help cheer sports teams but can also feature your products and services. Feature a college, university, school, academic, or professional sports team. 


How To Create Effective Banners

You may have chosen a banner style that suits you, but how do you design a banner that reaches your target audience?

  • Colour choices. Always pick colours that reflect your brand or are associated with the upcoming event. Contrasting warm or cool colours is never a bad idea for holding attention. 
  • Choice of words. Less is more, especially for a busy. For example, white spaces help text become readable from a distance. 
  • Powerful images. Use images that feature what you are promoting, and avoid cluttering the space with smaller images.
  • Add a business logo. Brand visibility is essential and will ensure those passing by will associate the event logo with your brand.
  • High-quality materials. If you cannot block sunlight or glare, invest in a darker, higher-quality banner to convey your message. 

Seeking a signage solution? At Swift Signs, you can invest in 3D illuminated signs, reception signage, 3D signage, and wayfinding signs for Melbourne residents. 

What Are Some High-Quality Materials?

A custom banner needs to be made from quality materials. Many printers use different types of stocks, which impacts the banners’ durability, quality, and overall pricing. Ask a signage professional for advice on what will work best for you if in doubt. 

  • Gloss Polyester Film. Resistant to fading and incredibly durable, gloss polyester film is vibrant with a grey backing that prevents light from creating glare, perfect for outside use.
  • Matte Polyester Film. Durable and fade-resistant, matte polyester film has a non-reflective finish. This is an excellent choice for temporary outdoor or indoor events.
  • PVC Film. Often known as vinyl banners, PVC film cannot be torn or scratched, is waterproof, and is resistant to sunlight. Hang them anywhere, in all weather conditions!
  • Cloth. Easy to wash, lightweight, and resistant to wrinkles, the cloth material for signage is strong. Aim for a non-reflective matte finish if you want your banner to read easier for your target audience.
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Choosing the Right Banner For Your Event

When there’s an event coming up, you want to choose the best event signage that meets your marketing strategy requirements. What are the common types of banners that could benefit special events?

Pull-up banners

Business owners can use pull-up banners at trade shows, conferences, and exhibitions. Display details or an attention-grabbing image with a vertical orientation; these retractable banners are perfect for smaller indoor spaces.

Pop-up banners

Looking for a lightweight business banner? With several dimensions, such as a shuttle, pod, or oval, pop-up banners hold attention with an unusual shape. 

Snap-frame display

In bars and cafes, snap-frame display banners can be changed and customised. You can update your marketing campaign message to beat competitor banners!


Beneficial Banner Printing in Melbourne 

Whether you are seeking full colour, large format digital print, laser router cut machinery, sign fabrication or sign spraying, our team can support your ideas for your business with trustworthy custom banner printing services.

No matter what promotional message you want, we have experienced signage professionals who do the job. We believe that concepts are born through consultations and solutions, and that’s what we can do for you.

Established in 1965, Swift Signs has designed, produced, and installed high-quality signs for over 50 years. Accredited and always open to collaboration, we assist in pylon and wayfinding, vehicle graphics, corporate rebranding, illumination, general signage, and more. 

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do you design effective promotional banners?

Integrating eye-catching visuals with easy-to-read messaging, identify the purpose of your banner. Are you seeking brand recognition, directional guidance, or an event announcement? Create a design that works with your intended audience. 

Feature your brand logo and match the colour scheme, keep the text minimal, and consider the placement. For example, a roadside banner will benefit from bold fonts and brighter colours!

2. What are the costs associated with banner printing?

The cost of banner printing depends on its size, design intricacy, printing technology, and the type of material you’re working with.

However, it is a cost-effective tool in the long run as banners are durable and reusable compared to boring laminated posters. Get your message out without spending more money on digital marketing or advertising. 

3. How do you properly maintain and store banners for future use?

Proper storage and maintenance for banners make them last. Clean your banners with mild soap and soft cloth to prevent dirt from accumulating and colour fading. 

Roll the banner with the print side facing up when storing to avoid creases or cracks. Avoid folding, as it can cause permanent wrinkles. Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.