What Are The Benefits Of School Signs? 

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  • October 15th, 2023

Just like a business, schools need signs to advertise what they can do for their students. You can direct parents to the main office, offer directions to parking areas and administration offices, display safety signs or building signs, and create a quality first impression. 

Schools need promotional signs, banners, or corflute signs to advertise enrolments, and whether you’re in the day care, early childhood, primary, secondary sector, or tertiary education, these signs can communicate what you need to. 

Along with displaying the correct information to help parents contact schools, signs make a positive impact in terms of safety and communication.

So, what do you need to consider? This article will explain the benefits of these signs, why they can draw interest, and how they can support staff members, visitors, and students. 


Benefits of Signs For Schools

Signs for schools are more than just guidance for teachers, students, and parents. There are many benefits to placing them around school buildings.

1. Easy to navigate campus

Whether small or large school grounds, directional signage allows students and teachers to know where departments are located. School administrators can set up digital screens to direct newcomers toward meeting rooms or offices, new students can learn their way around campus, and parents will be able to easily find their way.

2. Encourages student punctuality

With school signage displaying daily schedules and important dates, students will always stay on track, know what to expect, and be on time. If there’s an upcoming excursion, school event, or school camp, all students and parents will be aware of the dates with LED school signs.

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3. Celebrate school achievements

Create a supportive school culture. Celebrate the accomplishments of students with LED signs, motivate students and boost their self-esteem.

Your school can showcase sports winners, inter-school competitions, science fairs finalists, acts of leadership, or activities within the school community such as volunteering. This is a great way to encourage students to get involved by sending a message that their hard work is valued.

4. Improved safety protocols

All schools need a safety plan in case of emergencies. The Australian Standard 1319 (AS 1319-1994) sets out the design and use of safety signs for use in work environments. This standard aims to regulate and control safety-related behaviour and to warn of hazards such as fire danger.

In comparison to traditional signs on walls or paper bulletins, digital signage can provide a fast distribution system, with alarm systems that can direct students and staff on where to go. This could include a warning sign, danger sign, emergency information sign, or fire sign.

If an emergency requires everyone to remain inside the school grounds, digital signs can change to accommodate these changes. This system can save lives, reduce confusion, and inform school faculty during dangerous situations.

5. Communicate announcements

In any school, signs are essential to communicating with parents and staff, and traditional newsletters aren’t always effective. A digital sign can be set up in a hallway to give updates and announcements about fundraisers, weather updates, sporting events, traffic construction, test dates, extracurricular activities, student accomplishments, and lunch menus – sharing this information in real time.

Students in campus libraries can find out about upcoming events, and teachers can be in the loop while in their office. Whether there’s an orientation coming up or a school excursion, everyone involved will be up to date.

6. Advertising opportunities

Schools can make use of advertising in many ways. It can raise funds for after-school programs, special events, student clubs and sports programs. They can easily reach sponsors when placed in public spaces.

Signs can announce sales, news, events, community sponsor information for sports, and increase a school’s revenue streams. Digital signage is an excellent way to foster community engagement.

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Types of Signs For Schools

Whether you’re a school principal or a staff member interested in a school upgrade, there are many sign types to choose from. The sign you decide on will depend on the goals of your institution.  

Building signs. You can make sure that all visitors will be able to identify the main buildings within your school.

Main school sign. Make an excellent first impression for all parents who pass your school with a school entrance sign. It’s a great way to make parents feel welcome. Installing these at the front gate or office can entice parents to enrol.

School anthem sign. Current and future students can see the Australian Anthem lyrics or School Anthem, portraying school pride and patriotism.

Honour boards. Display your student’s achievements in your main hall or office.

School crest signs. Proudly display your school logo, school house logos, or sporting teams to parents.

Notice boards. Whether you’re considering interchangeable LED digital signs, you can cut back the need for paper newsletters. 

School banners. This is an effective way to advertise a school fete or festival, parent-teacher night, or event. 

Safety signs. To implement work health and safety regulations (WHS), safety signs are essential to making sure all staff and visitors are safe while on the school grounds. Signs can be placed in playgrounds for safety.

Directional signs. Use school colours and logos to create a welcome board for first impressions. These signs help new visitors, staff, and students find their way around the school grounds. This can create a comfortable start for new parents looking for a meeting room.

What To Consider When Investing in School Signage

When creating a positive first impression, you need to consider the design of your signage. If you’re preparing for an open day or want to improve your school environment, there are many ways to draw in prospective parents.

Design and branding

The design of signs can generate trust and reliability. Font and colour combinations with your school logo can determine how people respond, and this is especially the case for signage in the educational field. 

Colour, hue, contrast, and layout can establish trust and communicate an environment that supports and inspires their students. In this case, it’s ideal to speak to a signage expert who can help you deliver a catchy graphic for students and parents.

Durability and maintenance

With any signage, the materials are key to their longevity. Invest in materials that can withstand the Australian sun, rain, and wind, and plan regular maintenance when required.

Application of the signage

What do you want your school signage to achieve? What motivates or inspires students, and what will impress visitors? Thinking about your goals and where you want your visual solutions will make a greater impact.

Location and placement

As well as maintaining a consistent design approach, signs should be easily read from a distance. Strategically place signage near entrances, main corridors, and parking areas, and consider the sight of pedestrians and drivers for safety.

Regulations and laws

Always make sure that your school signage complies with Victoria state laws and regulations. This can include local council regulations, permit approvals, and zoning laws in terms of sign size, placement, and lighting. 

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Frequently Asked Questions – Signage in Schools

1. Why are school signs important?

School signage can serve many purposes in a school setting by guiding people, providing important information, promoting school events, or communicating safety measures, such as informing students about severe weather.

They can direct students to classrooms, indicate fire exit routes, and remind staff and students of key semester dates such as exams, ultimately creating a safe and engaging work environment. 

2. What is the importance of signage in the community?

Signage extends beyond the school, informing others in the community about school events, and achievements and reflecting the school’s core values. It is a great way to encourage parents to enrol their child into a school that clearly shows their dedication to learning and development.

3. How do signs help people in a school setting?

Signs are very useful, particularly in larger schools. Navigating the school premises can be challenging for new staff or students with disabilities. Whether identifying hazard areas such as wet floors, labelling facilities, or showing emergency exit routes, signage can work as an excellent visual guide. 

4. What are some examples of prohibition signs in schools?

Prohibition signs can cover restricted areas, indicate where food and drink aren’t allowed, remind students of policies regarding mobile phone usage, and are signs that maintain order, and safety, and uphold the rules and regulations of the school.

5. Why is signage important in the classroom?

In the classroom, signage can promote a sense of security and familiarity, helping students get from A to B, reinforce important learning outcomes, and promote independence. If children need to find resources, signs can display educational content that is vibrant and easy to read.

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