The Importance of Reception Signs

  • March 07th, 2024

Whether you’re a small business or a large-scale corporate company, a high-quality reception sign is a great way to make an impression on visitors. If utilised correctly, reception signs are also a powerful marketing tool that can impact the public perception of your business.

Reception signs can include everything from a company’s logo to their name, slogan or welcome message. In some cases, they can also supply contact information, visiting hours, or additional information.

 If you’re looking to revamp a reception area, this article is here to explore the creative use of reception signs, how they can make businesses grow, and the benefits of employing the services of professional signage companies.


What Are The Benefits of Reception Signs?

Available in different sizes, styles, and materials, reception signs are a versatile item that can create a lasting impression on visitors, including potential clients and partners. Reception signs don’t just contain essential business information; they help to establish an organised atmosphere and improve the perception of the company as a whole.

With this in mind, why are reception signs important, and how can you make them work for your business?


1. Improve business branding

Company branding influences how people see a business. The design of your logo should include your business logo, tagline, company colours, and anything else that represents what you stand for.

To appear professional, the reception signs in office spaces must be visible, durable, and high quality. For example, if you own a psychology clinic for adolescents, input age-appropriate and culturally appropriate signs. They can be fun and colourful. After all, you want customers to remember you!

2. Navigation

Are you part of a large facility or have multiple floors? Support visitors finding their way through your building with quality custom reception signs.

Offer clear, concise, directional signage with important information about your business spaces. Use bright colours and bold fonts so visitors can read from a distance. Turn directional signs into accurate maps to help locate points within the building, such as doctor consulting rooms.


3. Promoting safety

If you want to promote safety and security in your workplace, reception signs are one way to do so. Indicate exits and emergency routes to help people evacuate during an emergency, such as the first-aid room, fire exit, or safety equipment. Signs can also be useful as reminders about safety protocols, such as wearing protective gear.

Reception signs are alerts for potential hazards such as slippery surfaces and wet floors, keeping people safe as visitors or employees in your workplace. 


4. Professionalism

Do you want to convey professionalism and competence? Reception signs can do that just. Establish credibility, trust, and a professional image in business to communicate your brand to employees, visitors, and potential customers. Including your mission statement under your logo is one way to do this.

People will also feel respected and comfortable within an organised environment, creating a positive atmosphere for everyone. To learn more about business signage and how it can work for you, check out the benefits of custom signage for businesses.

5. Cost-effective

Promote your business branding without paying a fortune for signage. The cost of reception signs is significantly less than digital marketing or physical brochures.

Easily advertise promotions or discounts without paying per click, create a welcoming environment, provide location details and opening times, or provide details about services offered. Reception signs can also be updated with minimal effort, so you don’t need to stress how you communicate with clients.

6. Competitive advantage

Setting your business apart from others is key, especially when your competitors are within the same industry. In somewhat crowded markets, reception signs can be used to differentiate yourself from the competition.

Identify your business and what you offer. This will support customer loyalty, create an inviting atmosphere, and cement that your services are reliable, encouraging customers to stay longer.

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Different Types of Reception Signs

With many popular choices, what signage is right for you? If you want to encourage a strong impression but don’t know where to start regarding creative designs, look at the most popular types available.

Dimensional signs

As a popular signage type for businesses, dimensional signage can be logos or letters. Being upscale or classic, they are completely customisable. Fabricated, cast metal, flat cut, stainless steel, or moulded plastics can be used for interior and exterior applications. 

Wall mural and wraps

These are excellent as a visual touchpoint for lobbies, allowing unlimited colours and designs across a wall or partial wall. Make it permanent or removable, or apply it to surfaces outdoors or indoors. Include your company mission statement, products, upcoming events, and store hours.

Custom-cut vinyl signs

Don’t want to commit to a full-wrap wall wrap, or do you prefer simple graphics or text? No problem. With custom-cut vinyl signs, you can customise brand elements within your space on a smaller scale.

Panel signage

Commonly seen on the wall of a reception space, panel signage creates immediate brand recognition. If you want to transform or rotate multiple signs seasonally or update customers more often, this signage type is easy to relocate. These signs are also available in different shapes, so they’re not limited to rectangles; a professional can cut them into circles, ovals, or the shape of your logo.

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Reception Signs – Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions on reception signage and how to use it for your business.

Q1: What are reception signs?

A: Reception signs play a role in setting the tone for visitors as professional office space. Providing an excellent first impression for guests or potential customers, these signs offer helpful information, show off awards or accomplishments, and can offer different messaging as digital signs, such as promotions.

Q2: How can reception signs improve my business image?

A: Strategically placing your commercial signage- such as simply mounting flat panels to a wall-can improve your image by improving the company layout. The reception area should have a straightforward layout, feel natural to walk through and lead visitors to a seating area. A reception area should include soothing, neutral colours so visitors don’t feel overwhelmed by the colour scheme.

Q3: What should I consider when customising a reception sign?

A: When customising a reception sign, you want to think about the overall design. Consider a font type that is easy to read, choose colours that are true to your brand, and use less text for your signage, as it can make it difficult to understand the intended message. Lastly, use lighting to your advantage– such as LED signs–to grab attention.

Q4: How can my business use signage to engage with the community?

A: To engage with visitors and potential customers, consider placing digital signage to increase sales, boost customer loyalty, and educate others on events or important information about your business. Easy to update daily or weekly, digital signage can display achievements and announcements and save you much more time!

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