How Vehicle Signage Can Help Grow Your Business

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  • August 22nd, 2023

Have you exhausted all marketing efforts to reach customers with your business signs? Whether you own construction company vehicles or a single van, it may be time to consider a more creative approach for brand exposure. 

According to this report by the Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development and Communications, Australia’s annual growth of Light Commercial Vehicles from 2001-2018 was 3.5% per annum. 

Across various industries, vehicle signs have been shown to bring real positive results. Throughout this article, we’ll explore the key reasons to upgrade your marketing strategy to vehicle signage. 

What is Vehicle Signage?

Vehicle signage comes in many forms. Typically, decals and vinyl graphics are applied to a car, truck, bus, or van, and used for promotional purposes to convey your brand message, logo, contact information, and services. Whether cars are parked or driven in public, they become mobile billboards to draw in new customers.

Instead of resorting to outdoor signs, vehicle signage allows you to go mobile. Mobile advertising is an effective way of showcasing your business to those on the road.

Benefits of Investing in Vehicle Signage

Vehicle stickers aren’t just vibrant colours. They have the potential to reveal new markets and opportunities. Here are the many benefits.

1. Increase brand exposure

It doesn’t matter if you’re doing a long drive or staying idle, vehicle decals can boost awareness and make drivers look your way. Passengers, drivers, and pedestrians can witness what you bring to business. The best part is, you’re exposed to your target audience even after business hours!

2. Cost-effective mobile advertising

There’s no need to go big. Vehicle signage is affordable and doesn’t need constant reinvestments to keep moving. Likewise, vehicle wrappings are an effective form of marketing long term and can last for years.

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3. Protects vehicles

Vehicle wrappings not only increase your customer ratio, but can protect your original paint coating by preventing dents, scratches, and UV rays. If you plan to remove the signage, your vehicle will be in pristine condition! Looking for different signage types? Consider investing in corporate signage, directional signs, 3D illuminated signs, and illuminated signs near Melbourne.

4. Flexible design options

Have a specific design in mind? Vehicle signage offers flexibility in terms of graphic choices, font style, colours, and how you want your car to look. If you’re not too sure about specifics, a qualified signage professional can help you pick your dream look!

5. Advertise locally

If you rely on local customers, vehicle signage can help you reach people within your area, resulting in higher-quality impressions. Since your vehicle will include contact information and services, it will work as an easy reminder for potential customers to call you!

6. Non-Intrusive Advertising

Unlike television ads that pop up unexpectedly and often spark frustration, vehicle exterior signs offer a subtle, more pleasant visual reminder to get into contact. Check out trailer graphics and wraps to ensure your advertising process is less invasive.

7. Reach wider audiences

Planning to travel interstate? You can reach a broader audience and drive past thousands of potential customers. Considering choosing vehicle wrapping for your next company trip? Take a look at high-resolution commercial and fleet graphics.

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Types of Vehicle Signage To Grow Business

In comparison to monument signs, vehicle signage has lots of creative and fun business signs around Melbourne available that you can use to draw attention. 

Exterior vehicle wraps

A vehicle wrap is one of the best outdoor signs to promote a brand. Capture the attention of customers with bold and flexible design elements such as vinyl detailing.

Whether you’re a bigger corporation or a smaller start-up, these can help with brand reputation and business expansion. Choose from glossy, matte, carbon fibre, reflective, chrome, and partial wraps, and easier have them installed.


A decal is an outdoor sticker that can decorate the body of a car, truck, or bus. Instead of monument signs, business owners can use it to advertise a service, product, or brand, or just show everyone on the road a catchy, flashy message!

Decals or stickers can include your contact details, logo, services, website, slogan, or whatever you like. Depending on your marketing messages, you may need a bigger decal!

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Leading Melbourne sign company, Swift Signs, offers high-quality signage solutions for over 50 years.


Magnetic signs within Melbourne are an excellent form of advertising for small businesses with a budget. Being adaptable and removable, a magnet can update information with ease or pop a magnet on your personal car to promote your products while you go shopping.

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How To Use Vehicle Graphics To Promote Business

  • Always make sure that graphics are readable, bold, and can be read from a distance.
  • Always choose a design that is colourful and attention-grabbing. Consider using partial wraps to display your message.
  • Don’t clutter your vehicle with too many graphics. Be straightforward!
  • Vehicle graphics need to be proportionate to your chosen vehicle. For example, you don’t want an image that is too small.

Design Tips for Effective Vehicle Signage 

Vehicle signage isn’t a two-step process. It requires graphic design knowledge, consideration of placement, and proper planning.

Vector artwork

If you don’t want to lose image quality, vector art is useful as it allows changes to be made without affecting the entire image.

Keep it relevant

Your message to customers needs to be short, concise, and crystal clear, but it also needs to be relevant. If your business focuses on beauty services, your main target audience may invoke pretty, feminine designs.

Look at competitors

What are your competitors doing for designs? Take creative inspiration from trends and leaders in your industry. Want to add more signs? Promote business with reception signs and pylon signs around Melbourne.

Bleed artwork

Designing vehicle wraps with a bleed makes for fast and flexible installation! Graphic designers recommend the bleed in design as the image will always reach the edges, leaving no white borders.

Utilising colour

Making use of contrasting colours will make your signage easier to read and evoke enthusiasm, even from a distance. For example, yellow and purple, green and red, or orange and blue. Likewise, you might choose a darker colour to make lighter text pop out!

Inspect Vehicle

Figuring out how much space you can work with assists the overall design process. Likewise, you don’t want to pack too much into a smaller area. Taking photos of all vehicle angles will benefit you and the designer.

What About Window Decals?

One-way window printing is a great way to expose your business from the outside, still allowing you to see out from inside your car. Printed with perforated self-adhesive film, it is laminated in clear focus for quality results.

How Is A Vehicle Wrap Applied?

  • Using self-adhesive film, these wraps are digitally drafted with full colour.
  • The custom wrap is designed and printed.
  • The vehicle wrap is carefully applied to your vehicle, either partially or in its entirety.
  • By using only the best quality conformable film, it wraps smoothly into grooves and bumps.

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