8 Reasons You Should Switch to Solar Illuminated Signs

  • July 03rd, 2023

Are you a professional that has always used traditional signage, such as signs painted by hand? Solar-illuminated signage offers several benefits to businesses of all shapes and sizes. If you want to enhance brand visibility while also offering a helping hand to the environment, solar power can help.

With easy installation being one of many perks to consider, solar signage is an effective alternative for Australian business owners looking to reach new markets and reduce overall expenses. With this in mind, why else should you turn to solar energy?

1. Solar Is a Clean Energy Source

Your business can be part of something sustainable. As sunlight is absorbed by photovoltaic (PV) solar panels, energy is absorbed and converted into thermal or electrical energy, known as solar radiation. 

When installing solar signage for your business, you can contribute to clean and renewable energy sources. Invest in cleaner air, water, and soil with solar signage!

Customers are bound to appreciate that your company values reducing greenhouse gas emissions, decreasing the dependence on fossil fuels, and cutting back your carbon footprint and carbon emissions. 

2. Energy Independence

Instead of relying on traditional energy sources, solar signage is powered naturally, so there is no need to power it manually. Power sources directly from the sun are reliable and cut back energy costs from your utility company.

With solar, your business’ energy bills will be a lot easier to manage. Customers will appreciate a business professional that is environmentally conscious and cares about solar power as an alternative. Not only will you stress less about business costs, but vouching for the planet is a major unique selling point.

3. Simple Installation

Considering installing a school sign in Melbourne? With solar energy, you have the creative freedom to install your outdoor business signage anywhere with access to sunlight.

There’s no need to bother with complex wiring techniques. Solar signage can be fixed into place with a few bolts, and existing landscapes don’t need to be torn up. So, if you need signage placed promptly, consider going solar. Choose from general signagereception signscorporate rebrandingor pylon signs across Melbourne.

Take Out

4. Boosts Brand Awareness

Are you a new business wanting to build an image? Incorporating solar retail signs across Melbourne will not only enhance your visibility and grab the attention of new customers, but showcase your commitment to sustainable business practices.

Displaying solar signage will show how much you value combatting fossil fuels and being part of a renewable source of energy. Your company will be visible and attract environmentally responsible customers and potential employees.

Highlighting your commitment to a better planet will increase sales, revenue, and consumer confidence.

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5. Wildlife-Friendly

Making the shift to solar benefits our furry friends as well. Lights at night can disrupt animal behaviour and cause injury. Bright light can prevent birds from migrating or distract them, causing collisions.

As solar panels are lower in lumens per watt, they are safe for wildlife. Install low lighting, motion sensors that light up from motion, directional LED fixtures for keeping light in one area, or amber or red lights to benefit the animal population. 

6. Requires Little Maintenance

With solar, there’s no need to dread the initial cost of sign maintenance. After installing sign fixtures, solar panels only need batteries changed every 3-5 years. If they start to accumulate dirt and become less effective, cleaning is as simple as using a standard garden hose.

Compared to electric installation—which can risk electric shock and hike electricity bills—solar panels are low in voltage. Running off of only 12 or 24 volts, these can be installed without a professional. If you’re a business owner wanting to grow your customer base, consider directional signs or vehicle signage throughout Melbourne.

7. Diverse to Meet Business Needs

Are you planning custom signage or retail signs across Melbourne for your business? Whatever your ideas may be, solar signage can be designed in several sizes, brightness levels, and purposes to help you convey messages to the public eye.

Whether you’re considering a billboard sign or a smaller spotlight, solar energy sources can improve customer traction for retail shopfronts, property entrances, and any type of business.

8. Solar Technology Is Advancing

Solar energy is becoming more affordable and accessible, so it is worth working these advancements into your business. According to the Australian Energy Resource Assessment document, the expected advances in technology by 2030 will allow solar energy to greatly contribute to Australia’s future energy supply.

  • Solar battery types are evolving, being able to store solar for longer periods.
  • The cost of solar panel installations plans to decrease, such as the cost of inverters and solar cells.
  • Advanced sensors can monitor solar systems’ usage and ensure they operate.
  • New materials such as perovskite solar cells are also being introduced. Inexpensive, they are effective in converting sunlight into power. 
  • More businesses are choosing to operate using solar energy, steering away from electrical energy prices of the past.
  • There are many rebates offered to business owners choosing to install solar panels, sometimes completely offsetting the cost of the panel itself.
Solar Illuminated sign

Types of Illuminated Solar Signage

Billboard lights

Billboard lights need to be illuminated evenly, are single-sided or double-sided, and have a range of customisation options. The amount of solar-powered assemblies needed depends on the number of fixtures and operation needs. Interested in retail signs across Melbourne? Explore our neon signagelightbox signage, and digital printing ranges.

Internal illumination

With internal illumination, this sign option involves more steps. The LED layout needs to be modified accordingly as solar arrays can expand quicker.

Small flood sign

As a low-power and cost-effective option, a small flood sign doesn’t require much solar power as it has low-wattage fixtures, often 10 watts or less.

Medium and large flood sign

As larger flood signs use more than one fixture, they need more solar output, typically up to 25 watts per fixture.

What Is the Process for Solar Sign Approval and Installation?

Check the installation site

Checking your installation site with a site survey is essential for a power grid and solar lights to work effectively. You will need to determine the average cost of electricity and figure out if it will disrupt traffic, cause environmental damage, or damage property. This can make for additional costs.

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Sign sizing

Do you want your shop signs across Melbourne one-sided, or specific areas illuminated? If you choose an internally illuminated sign, solar installers need to place the correct LEDs. Your sign idea’s height, width, and depth are also important.

Lighting requirements 

How bright do you want your 3D illuminated letter signs? You want to understand the lighting levels, duration of light illumination, and if you wish to market your business during the night. 

Solar power light systems

Many types of solar systems vary in cost. Are you considering long-term or short-term use? Temporary solar energy signs are less expensive. If you’re aiming for permanent lighting options, there are solar power systems that can last over 25 years.

How is the illuminated solar sign installed?

The energy production process depends on the installation requirements. Often, the fixture of the solar sign can be installed on the ground using a burial bracket or concrete slab.

A long bracket is mounted to a flood fixture to the sign directly, and solar is installed on a pole close to the signage.

Solution-Focused Illuminated Signs in Melbourne

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